goldendoodles for sale in utah

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Lyme disease is a real threat to Goldendoodles. If you reside in an area where Lyme disease is a possible issue, your veterinarian should provide your Goldendoodle a vaccination for this disease. In areas such as Florida, tick season is year round. Usually September is the worst month for fleas, but we use a once a month tablet called “comfortis”. This tablet prevents fleas from being an issue for our adult dogs. As your Goldendoodle puppy gets closer to six months of age, you can consider talking with your veterinarian about using a safe flea/tick dip rather than a topical flea treatment.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

Oakley crossed over the console and sat on her lap.

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goldendoodles for sale in utah

“ Sometimes, a backyard Goldendoodles puppies breeder turns into small time puppy mill to increase their supply so you can find Goldendoodle puppies for sale all the time in order for profits to grow. ”